Advantages of Being on an Alkaline Diet

The key to living a long, healthy life is having a balanced pH and diet. No other diet beats having an alkaline diet in maintaining a good balance on the pH of the body. What is an Alkaline Diet? The body is naturally made out of different enzymes that have different pH levels. The gastric […]

What’s The Purpose Of Rubber Bands In Braces?

Orthodontist have always indicated the use of specifically designed rubber bands on braces. People without braces and even those with braces may be wondering why there is a need to use rubber bands on them. Types of Elastics Unlike the most common rubber bands found everywhere, the rubber bands on braces are different. They are […]


Why health and wellness are important?

Wellness and health mean the capacity to live your life to the fullest without any sickness. Wellness is ideal for wellbeing and vitality, encompassing physical, passionate, academic, spiritual, relational and social, and ecological prosperity. Prevention is constantly superior to cure. Individuals now have a more prominent mindfulness about their own particular well-being and about dealing […]