What’s The Purpose Of Rubber Bands In Braces?

Orthodontist have always indicated the use of specifically designed rubber bands on braces. People without braces and even those with braces may be wondering why there is a need to use rubber bands on them.

Types of Elastics

Unlike the most common rubber bands found everywhere, the rubber bands on braces are different. They are usually smaller in size and usually don’t have the gross rubbery taste. These elastics are known as elastic ligatures which have many different types.

  • Single Elastic Ligatures

These elastics are known as such because they are of uniform sizes. These come in different colors and can help in adjusting the teeth. Orthodontists will adjust the arrangement and tightness of these ligatures every appointment in order to slowly adjust the teeth placement using force. Depending on the tightness of the elastics, the tooth will experience either greater or lesser force.

  • Connected Elastic Ligatures

Also known as power chain or c-chain ligatures, these connected elastic ligatures also come in different colors like the single elastic ligatures. There are used by orthodontists on close spaced regions of the teeth. It can also help in moving a whole group of teeth together at the same time. These come in different strengths to make way for the number of teeth that will be adjusted.

  • Stainless Steel Wire Ligatures

Unlike the first two elastic ligatures, this type of ligature is more firm and strong. The use of wires can help in preventing the movement of the brackets unlike the elastic ones and are also known to have a stronger force on the teeth which can speed up the adjustments. Orthodontists also adjust these regularly to slowly guide the teeth to a better formation.

Purpose  of Elastics

  • Bad Bite Correction

Usually, those who need braces are those with misaligned teeth. Misalignment of teeth can cause bad bites. These are known to be the improper meeting of the two jaws and teeth which can cause pain and problems with the teeth and bone structure. Using rubber bands on braces can help in reducing the pain from bad bites and helping in correct it.

  • Adjust Jaw Position

Misalignment of teeth can also cause the misalignment of the jaws. Biting while having misaligned teeth can cause the jaw to slowly adjust to a comfortable position in order to provide a better way of chewing. It may also be caused by the force from chewing that acts on the teeth and the jaws thus causing the jaw to deviate from its normal position. It is even possible for the bones on the jaw to deform if not fixed. Rubber bands or elastics can help in adjusting the position of the jaw to its normal state.

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Post Author: Fred Tucker